Pilgrim se vrací se zimním albem For Winter

Před více než 2 lety jsme vám představili pohanskou kapelu Pilgrim, loni přišla kapela s novým EP a to s tematickým názvem For Winter. O albu hovoří samotná kapela přímo v angličtině:

Four songs that appear on the EP For Winter travel through wide range of sceneries – all of them being lyrical from the core. Influenced by the folk art as well as contemporary music, Pilgrim continues in weaving its own, unique melodies and tales.

Winter, as the season of dying, emptiness and dreams, does not provide joys of life. Winter is cruel lady, surviving her embrace is not easy for the creatures of the wild. However, without her, without resting and sleep, there would be no beginning of the new circle… Therefore, her presence is very important. Without darkness, there would be no light. Without death, there would be no life.

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